Transformational Discoveries and Long-Term Health Outcomes

As Western Australia grows and our community changes and develops, there is an increasing need for innovative health solutions that serve our community. We strive for earlier diagnosis, better treatment, and the highest standard of care for the patients we serve.

From our early career and seed grants to travel awards and our ambitious Spinnaker Prize, every dollar is an opportunity for a transformational discovery.

Since 1996 we have

At Spinnaker, we know that better research means better health.

That is why we strive for earlier diagnosis, better treatment and the highest standard of care for the patients we serve.

Patient Stories


“We have two miracle kids that both fought their way into the world. Without research they wouldn’t be with us today.”

Neonatal Care

“When I was a child, doctors told my parents I wouldn’t make it past my teens. Heart and lung research saved my life.”

Tatiana, Heart and Lung
Transplant Recipient

“You put everything else on hold when you’re on the waitlist for a new heart.”

Brett Driessen,
Heart Transplant Recipient

“After all day at work, the tinnitus was that loud that I couldn’t hear in the other ear. I’d see people talking but I couldn’t hear them, I could just see their mouth moving.”

Peter King,
Cochlear Impant

“She continued to surprise me with her resilience to fight the aggressive melanoma that she had. I’m very sad that we could not win the battle for her.”

Janine Chalwell,
Melanoma Sufferer

“When I’m having a really beautiful day, the sun’s shining and the birds are singing and I think: ‘Oh, what might have been?.”

Geoff Fisher, Heart
Transplant Recipient

Pioneer impact with us

Ways you can get involved

to innovate and pioneer solutions that have a real impact on the health and wellbeing of our community.

Support life-saving research with a one-off gift.
Join our community of committed givers.
Make a gift to thank your, or a loved ones, hospital carers. When you nominate a doctor, nurse or hospital staff member we will send them a card to let them know how much they have been appreciated.
Give the gift of better health to your local community.
Why not ask your friends and family for a donation in lieu of presents on your special day?
Honour your loved one with a gift in their name.

Corporate Partnerships

Together, we can create real change for our community.

We are bold in our ambition and in our belief in supporting the WA community. By partnering with Spinnaker, you enable our world-class medical professionals to ask big questions, realise big ideas and solve big problems.
Meet your social responsibility, marketing and stakeholder engagement objectives through a customised partnership with Spinnaker that provides a direct connection to the community through public health.
Maximise your impact for the Western Australian community by offering employees the opportunity to make regular donations through their pay.

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